What is open data?
Open information means publicly available digital information resources, which are presented in machine-readable format (can be read by the machine) and which will be unchanged (according to the law "On receiving information") to be used more often or will be reprinted. In other words, open information is available data of government institutions of the country printed in a machine-readable format that can be created using information, services and applications for various purposes.
What is open data portal for?
An open data portal is an information system that provides publicly available information from government bodies and other organizations in a machine-readable format for the re-use of copyrights, patents or other means of control without restrictions.The open data portal is part of the Open Government, open to transparency between the state and citizens. The portal is primarily designed to help anyone who needs information from government agencies.
Which data is accessible and who posts this data?
Open Data is posted by government agencies on the basis of the Law on Access to Information and the Law on Information, Informatization and Information Protection. Other data owners post the information on their own initiative and the request of citizens. Government agencies approve the list of open data and the data is posted according to this list. If the list does not contain the data of your interest, you can apply for that information. Data emerging during work of Central and Regional Executive Bodies is posted on different categories. You are able to select data for categories (education, healthcare, communication, statistics, culture and etc.) or state bodies. The portal provides various types of information: description (brief info), contact information, working hours, geographical location and etc.
How to use data?
You are able to use data in different ways, such as: to analyze the changes in an appropriate field or to compare different fields of government performance. Developers can use main data to create useful programs that anyone can utilize it later. You are also able to use a new API that provides many features. More information about the work of the API is available on the "About API" subsection of the "Information" section.
Which information is available through the API?
All open data sets integrated on the portal with the help of a computer are accessible through API. API is a set of ready-to-use types, procedures, functions, structures, and fixed quantities intended for use in external software products provided by an application / library / service or operating system. Programmers use it in the development of various programs. This allows developers and other portal users to access data by sending a direct request to the system. For more information about the work of the API click on "About API" subsection in the "Data" section.
What is metadata?
Metadata (metadata) is additional information about content or services. Metadata reveals information about the characteristics of some objects that allow automatic search and manage large data streams.