Service name Finding the address by the coordinates on a map
Service description Setting some markers on a map which enable information bubble onclick
Related body Ministry of Culture
Category Transport and communication Culture and leisure
Keywords permission registration
Creation date 21.07.2015
Update date 21.07.2015
API sample Usage information

It will be shown how to get the address by coordinate using API in this example. You can get acquainted with the example over here. (opens on new page)
Javascript file is included on the page in order to use additional services:

<script src=""></script> 

1)  In order to use API  function you should call Az.GoMap.Service.RGeo(longitude, latitude, zoom, lng, callback).
Function Parameters: 
longitude, latitude – coordinates of the point 
zoom – scale(between 1-18 ) 
En - returned language (az, en, ru) 
callback –  this function will be called when the results return and you will be able to get the address from the first parameter.   
In the example below, by sending the following arguments it has been tested.                       
Az.GoMap.Service.RGeo(lonlatD.lon,, map.getZoom(), "az", function(address) { document.getElementById("info").innerHTML = address;}); 
2)  Besides Javascript it is also possible to use this service by sending request to address. 

The request should be as follow: 

cm - is the name of the command. For our request it will be "rgeo".
cx, cy - the coordinates of the point which you want to assign. 
cz - scale (between 1-18) 
En - returned language (az, en, ru) 
Output will be the address (aprt. number, the street name or just street name).